Projects The Giselas

The Giselas are a female Acapella group (three of which are from the very successful former ‘Sextanten’), which reformed three year ago. Working with theses Ladies has been a great challenge and learning experience for me. Our programme is a mixture of styles such as funk, pop and ballads. These are sung in a number of languages including Zulu!

We worked with director, and clown, Jack Millet,  and after so much hard work, now our show is up and running. The program is quite different from the other projects l do,  and we really do have a lot of fun on stage together!

2016 Up date:

The Ladies have started working on a new show which unfortunately l had no time to take part in. I hope we still play the old program once and a while. The new program is really great! If you have not seen it, go for it!!!


6-fach Frauen-a-cappella


The Giselas