One year before this picture was taken, my dad was living in a monastery training to become a roman catholic priest. In this snap, my mum is pregnant with me. Here l think we look like a family from the early settlers in America!
Oh how much l loved my big sister! We are still the closest of friends. Oh yes, this was a wild party time! My role as Roxy Hart in the production of Chicago
Traveling around europe with my best mate Deb. Wow we made good money in Switzerland! My first big love! We traveled all over together making sweet harmonies....l was a real hippy chick!
Fell in love with the magic place So under the rainbow is where l lived with my x man for 10 years! We built the whole place up together and we created a dream house backing on to an ancient forest. Me and the old man. Yahhhhhh! Making music!
My first ever REAL winter, and l loved it!