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My Life A real hippy Chick
Sidewalkers Great fun playing with theses young Men!
hyrrä and hyrratytö The Show that is so close to my heart!
Bella Schroeder and more! Time spent with Master Schroeder and some fantastic people l meet on the way
Bella in Freiburg All the lovely people I have worked with since living in Freiburg.
Palazzo Colombino 2010 Palazzo Colombino Freiburg - "Recommended by all five senses"
Bella & Band - Wodanhalle Freiburg Bella & Band in Freiburg's "Wodanhalle", February 2008
Bella & Band - Stadtfest Staufen Bella & Band in Staufen - "Stadtfest" June 2006
Bella Studio Bella Studio - b/w series from December 2006