About me

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I was born in 1968 in Durban, South Africa during the height of the hippie era. My parents were enjoying the party scene, and I was brought up among the music festivals listening to the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

My Irish father sang ballads to my sister and I from a very early age, and the sad stories and haunting melodies captivated me from then on. As far back as I can remember, I joined my father in singing and would often entertain his friends or relations.

My mother was extradited from South Africa for her strong views in opposing the apartheid system, and we left for England with hardly any money. The UK was a culture shock for us all. It was hard to fit in and I struggled continually with dyslexia. Consequently I found my escape through music, dance and art.

I went on to further my education in theatre studies, art and dance and this led to my acceptance at Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. This is one of the most highly regarded drama schools in London. I had a fantastic three years on the B A course, and revelled in the extensive vocal training I received there. Whilst at Drama School I worked with a female Acappella group and their songs carried a political edge. We sang in clubs and on the streets of both London and many Italian cities.

The day I finished my degree, I turned my back on the UK, never to return, and travelled through Europe with my good friend, busking and gigging as an acoustic duo. After months on the road we found ourselves in Ireland. It was like coming home and I stayed for five years. Ireland was awash with musicians and I was completely seduced by the culture and traditions. I immersed myself in everything musical.

In 1995 I went to live in the caves of La Gomera for three months. There I fell in love with the island and a young man. A few months later I left Ireland behind, married this young man, and built a dream house in the rain forest.

There we lived a rural existence for ten years. During my time in La Gomera I performed in just about every bar and restaurant with a number of musicians. During the summer months I spent time in Southern Germany and performed at festivals, clubs and also on the streets.

Leaving the island and my old life behind, in 2004 I moved to Freiburg. For the first year I mainly focused on my band,  as we brought our studio project to live audiences. In 2005 I was invited to sing in the Variety production, Palais im Park in Bremen. To perform for two months with outstanding musicians and artists was a great step forward!

I was introduced to a whole new musical scene which brought me in contact with Schroeder, a one of a kind Freiburg drummer. From this point on,  l took part in a various projects, mostly initiated and inspired by Schroeder. One collaboration was with The Cherry Chords, Sascha Bendiks and Schroeder in the Funkturm in Berlin. This flowered into a strong friendship and a musical delight, ending in a new band, Lovebomb! Under the title "projects" l have written a short description of the different work I am doing.

( This picture is of me and Schroeder in Palazzo Colombino in Freiburg. Wow,  was that a magic time! )

For the last five years l have done so many different projects with Schroeder, some of which a few years ago, l would never even have considered possible!  The most recent was the Sun Ra project, the musical director was Lukas Lindenmaier. Eight crazy Jazz guys and me, fantastic!

"hyrrä" directed by Stefan Schönfeld was definitely the most amazing show l have ever taken part in. It was a great success and l hope will run again!  During this show l enjoyed so much to work with Marcus Jeroch and since then we have been in a number of shows together in Berlin. Schroeder and Marcus work together since years with there program, SchlagWorte, and in 2013 they started with a new program, NÄU which l was invited to take part in! This has been a great opportunity to play in so many venues all over Germany.

In 2015 l had the pleasure of working again with Stefan Schönfeld and hyrrä developed into a New Show hyrrätytö.  We toured for two months around German Theatres. Fantastic!!!!

In 2014 l was asked by Chris Nemet to take part in Palazzo Stuttgart with a great band "Sidewalkers".  We played 100 shows in the famous Spiegelpaläsle and continued to gig through the summer of 2015. When we where asked to play in the new show for Palazzo 2015/ 2016 we where delighted to play another season together! And here we are, back again for a new show Palazzo 2016/2017!!!!